Continental CrossContact RX Brings the heat. Not the noise.

Quietly pushing performance SUVs further

Not all sports are fast and loud. Some are fast and quiet. The RX takes the sporty all-weather performance of the LX and adds the latest sound reduction technology for an acoustically harmonious performance that’s the very definition of quiet achievement.

Reduce the noise

The CrossContact RX reduces the road noise for a quiet everyday ride.  This is made possible by a harmonised sipe distribution which leads to an even footprint pressure in the tyre’s contact patch, acoustically balancing the air forced through the tread pattern as you drive.  

Shortened braking distances

A highly siped tread pattern, providing multiple biting edges, also increases grip by means of improved water displacement between the blocks and road’s surface.  More powerful SUVs are brought under control for confident driving.

Introducing 3D sipes

To improve the wet weather performance of heavy SUVs subjected to significant forces when cornering and braking, the RX is fitted with U shaped sipes that have a 3D element.  They work to enhance performance in the wet and snow, without detracting from the dry performance

Tyre sizes available

17" Rim

19" Rim

22" Rim


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