Continental PremiumContact™. Driving Comfort and Performance

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The name says it all.
A new level of ride and comfort awaits.

For the most discerning drivers and the finest vehicles, the PremiumContact range delivers a ride to match your style and taste.  They are optimised for the smoothest ride experience, complimenting the quiet comfort and refined luxury of high-end vehicles.  It’s an assured performance made for the genuine pleasure of driving. 

The best of German Technology.
For the best Driving Experience.

Being behind the wheel of a premium vehicle demands a premium tyre. More specifically, it demands a Continental PremiumContact tyre.  We have developed a range to subtly compliment the characteristics of leading saloon cars and luxury vehicles, adding an extra layer of comfort.  Each tyre in the range is assured and quiet, delivering a velvety smooth drive.  Increased comfort comes from knowing the performance matches that of the vehicle, with precise handling and advanced braking.  Luxury also comes with safety, the PremiumContact range excels in the wet for undiminished driving pleasure in adverse weather conditions.  

The Continental PremiumContact range is used as original equipment by Audi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Alfa Romeo, Volkswagen, Jeep, Chrysler and more.

Made for your driving pleasure.

And for everyone else who's along for the ride.

Confidence for every journey

Choose Continental PremiumContact the best of ride comfort and handling.

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