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Engineering Safety. For the Pleasure of Driving.

Between your vehicle and the road is one of the most highly engineered pieces of rubber ever developed. Delivering advanced grip, handling and braking, it’s the reason we’re acknowledged as one of the world’s leading automotive experts.

For over 150 years we’ve focused on safety, so you can enjoy the pleasure of driving in total confidence.

Watch: Greg Murphy's take on Continental

From one of the Experts:

Greg Murphy explains why he chooses Continental Tyres.

Respected for his ability to push tyres to their limit around the race track, Greg Murphy is well known for telling it like it is. He pulls no punches with his words and is a passionate advocate for road safety. In an exclusive series of explainer videos, Greg shares his forthright views on tyre safety, along with his top tips for making sure you look after your tyres, so they can look after you.

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Your safety. It's the obsession that drives us.

We have a vision for a safer world - a world where we see zero road deaths, zero injuries and finally zero accidents.  That vision takes us on a journey all over the world, using some of the most advanced technology on the planet to test every individual facet of performance.  It’s not a commitment we rush - nor a process where we cut corners, with around NZD 6 Billion devoted to automotive research and development in annually.  By the time a Continental tyre makes it onto your vehicle, it’s been subjected to over 67,000 tests in view of the ultimate test:  your safety. 

1 million kilometres. 500 tests. We stop at nothing so that you get perfect performance.

In pursuit of the Perfect Drive

We've been driving towards a better future for 150 years - and we're proud to keep spearheading tyre innovation and technology. We're constantly striving for better, safer, more reliable transportation - to keep you safe on the highways and city streets.

Confidence for every Vehicle.

We’re meeting the demands of modern mobility and the changing automobile world.  As vehicle characteristics change, so do our tyres.  We’re supporting today's vehicles with tomorrow's technology, for a confident drive that’ll take you safely into the future.

Truck & Bus Radial Tyres

Lasting efficiencies for a relentless road life

Engineered for the bumps and scrapes from a life in constant motion. Our truck and bus tyres resist damage and defy ageing, delivering lasting  efficiencies for businesses on the move.

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Tractor & Harvester Tyres

As resilient as the farmers who use them

Agricultural tyres to help you work more efficiently, cover more ground without damaging the soil and last longer for ongoing returns, season after season.

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