Continental SportContact™. The Ultimate in Tyre Technology

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Built to Excel.

Expertise that’s earned its place with every premium vehicle brand.

When the most demanding European performance vehicles need an original equipment tyre capable of delivering in the most extreme driving conditions, they choose Continental SportContact.  Our performance tyre family rewards drivers with extraordinary handling and an unbelievable braking performance.  They unlock the driving potential of premium vehicles. 

Engineered for the perfect Driving Experience.

Just as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

The SportContact range is one of our key ranges of original equipment approved products, and we work closely with Automotive manufacturers to determine ultimate performance on very high performance vehicles.  Each succeeding generation of SportContact™ tyres is developed in conjunction with manufacturers as they push the boundaries of vehicle design.  Each of these were designed in conjunction with particular models and remain the best tyres to maximise its qualities as intended by the manufacturer.

You’ll find Continental SportContact tyres on  Maserati, Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, BMW, Tesla, Land Rover and Volkswagen to name just a few. 

Performance that outperforms every expectation.

Say hello to Ultimate Performance.

Extreme lateral forces. Sudden braking and acceleration. We design the SportContact family to handle every type of extreme performance, and to deliver the best of performance in every vehicle they are fitted to.

Quick in every way.

Extremely fast.  Even when braking.

The newest member of the family, the SportContact7, is speedily winning a slew of awards overseas even before it hits our shores.  Meanwhile, the SportContact6 has proven its performance on NZ roads (and given it’s rated to perform at speeds of up to 350 km/hr, tested out on the occasional off-highway fast track).

Engineered for the Pleasure of Driving.

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