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Murph's Tyre Tips From someone who's as passionate about road safety as we are.

Greg Murphy needs little introduction. The Four-Time Bathurst Winner is known for driving skill and his record on the race track. Off the track, he's a forthright advocate for driver safety and training.

Greg is a vocal believer in taking an educative approach to driver training and has worked extensively to develop road safety education and awareness for young drivers.

Murph's take on Continental

Worn down. 

Does it make a difference?

 You probably know that tyres will fail a WOF with 1.5mm of tread remaining, but why is this and what difference does it make?  Murph explains, then takes us on a test drive on new and worn tyres.

Our roads in NZ aren’t perfect.  Neither is our weather, so tyres need a tread pattern and groove depth that can handle the conditions or both safety and handling become compromised.  As tyres wear, the tread and grooves essential for grip reduce in effectiveness.  In this video, Greg Murphy explains how that reduction can have a dramatic effect, showcasing the difference between a new tyre with 8 mm vs a worn tyre with 2 mm of tread left.

Tyre Treadwear unpacked

Your Tyre Tread and your Braking Distance.

How much difference can a few mm make?

The best way to illustrate what a few millimetres of tyre tread can have on a vehicle's stopping distance is to take to the track.  Watch to see how new tyres stop vs worn tyres, in a test that demonstrates exactly why knowing how much tread you have left is important.  

Greg Murphy is back on the race track.  Behind the wheel of your typical family SUV, Greg is conducting a simple experiment to showcase the difference between a new tyre and a partially worn tyre, when braking in the wet from 90 km/h.  The new tyre has 8 mm of tread whilst the partially worn tyre has 2 mm of tread left.  That’s good enough to still be legal in New Zealand but as you’ll see, it’s hardly good enough to protect you and your family. 

One the Track: New vs Worn tyres test

The final tip from Murph? Choose quality tyres.

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