How to look after your tyres. So they look after you.

From the pitlane: Some fast tracks to taking care of your tyres.

When you bought new tyres you invested in your safety.  Now with just a few minutes a month, you can keep them in top condition so they perform when you need them to.  And in doing this, you'll likely save yourself more than a few dollars in fuel and replacement tyres on the way.

Taking care of your tyres:
Greg's three top tips

Greg shares 3 quick and easy checks you can perform in just a few minutes.  They’ll keep you safe and make sure your tyres do a few more laps.

A worm or damaged tyre can have potentially fatal consequences for you, loved ones and those you share the road with.  A few minutes each month is all it takes to help prevent accidents and give you the confidence needed for the next journey.  Watch as Greg explains how to find and set the correct tyre pressure, perform a quick visual inspection to look for any issues, then make sure there’s enough grip left to keep you on the road.  Each check takes just a couple of minutes and will provide you with lasting confidence for the road ahead.

Do these three things to stay road safe

Tyre Pressure:
The fastest way to the best (or worst) of your tyres.

 Nothing impacts tyre performance, safety, longevity and fuel economy as much as tyre pressure.  Learn what difference it makes and why it matters - and importantly, just how easy it is to keep an eye on it.

In New Zealand, 4 out of 5 vehicles are likely to be driven on underinflated tyres.  This leads to bad handling, premature wear and increased costs at the pump.  Overcompensate and set the tyre pressure too high,  traction is compromised and tyre life is reduced.  In this video, Greg Murphy explains how to avoid both situations and just how easy it is to perform a quick monthly check to stay safe, save money and fuel and prolong the life of your tyres. 

Feeling flat? Tyre Pressure unpacked

Tyre Rotation: 
Make them go round for longer.

 Greg explains why tyre rotation can prolong the life of your tyres, maintain grip and even help prevent mechanical problems with your vehicle.

The life of every tyre varies, even when they are on the same vehicle.  Which means they can wear differently, perform differently and can impact your vehicle's overall handling and safety.  If the problem is significant enough, tyres can even cause issues with the vehicle mechanics.  Greg Murphy explains how to avoid all of this, sharing some sage advice on when and why your tyres need to be rotated. 

Tyre Rotation: Getting the most from your tyres

Wheel Alignment: 
What it means and why it matters

 Greg details how poor wheel alignment can decrease the life of your tyres, or even lead to dangerously poor levels of handling and tyre failure.

Maybe your car drifts to the left or right.  Or maybe the steering wheel isn’t centred and doesn’t return into position after taking a corner.  When this happens it’s an indication something is wrong and a wheel alignment is needed.  Greg Murphy explains how a pothole or curb can throw your wheel alignment out and why you need to get it checked to avoid issues such as uneven tyre wear, excess tyre noise, steering and braking issues. 

Wheel alignment: Why it matters and when you need it

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