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Built for Work.
On every road and in all conditions.  

The Continental Vanco range is built to deal with the constant stress from long days and heavy loads, on the highways and backroads.  They work hard and wear hard whilst being comfortable for you and your goods.  Over the years, tyres from the Vanco range have developed a reputation for performing constantly at the highest level, becoming a favoured choice for tradies everywhere. 

Load up and get the job done.  

The driving dynamics of light commercial vehicles can vary hour by hour.  Fully laden or empty, or with heavy loads distributed unevenly, they are asked to perform on smooth and rough roads, in the dry and wet.  With conditions potentially varying around every corner, their tyres need to adapt whilst being ever reliable.  The Continental Vanco range does just that.  They are designed to deal with heavy loads, differing lateral forces and near-constant use.  They are designed for modern and more powerful commercial vehicles.  They are designed to last and get the job done, each and every day.

Continental Vanco Tyres feature as original equipment tyres on Mercedes Benz, Iveco, Ford, Fiat and VW. 

Load up with Confidence.

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