Smart Performance. Enduring Confidence.

You could say we’re a little bit obsessed.

We dream of a world that is safer, smarter, connected and sustainable. A world where mobility and environmental protection are not mutually exclusive. And a world where we can reach our goal of zero road deaths, zero injuries and zero accidents.

These are not empty dreams. These are our imperatives for the future – which we’re tirelessly pursuing in our automotive and tyre development programs, where we leave no stone unturned in our quest for perfection. Welcome to the future. Welcome to Continental.

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Tested to Perfection.

Then tested again.

Before any Continental tyre is approved and added to the range it must endure a testing regime conducted by expert drivers who do enough KMs to circle the globe more than 500 times a year. Those 200 million kilometres see in excess of 67,000 different tests conducted as we seek the very best in safety and performance.

Whilst some manufacturers restrict the use of their tyres in independent tests, we see it as vital to support our safety claims. In 863 independent tests, between 2010 and the end of 2020, our tyres achieved the highest level of recommendation 715 times. This success rate of 83% is unparalleled. Our tyres have amassed many awards over the years, none more important than the ‘Best tyre in the last 50 years’ from Auto Motor Sport Magazine, which we are particularly proud of.

Driving is changing. So are we.

Driving is changing and we’re leading the way with a safety-first approach to innovation.  The developments in braking assistance, lane-keeping systems and automatic parking are just the beginning.  As we start to see more and more functionality transferred from driver to machine, our specialists have developed sensor technologies to link cars with each other and places, providing real-time accident avoidance and advice. 

The digitisation of driving will see everything connected.  With the help of cameras in the side mirrors, radiator grille and rear, our sensors will detect possible hazards and then relay the information back to the driver.  The Continental pillar-to-pillar display clearly informs the driver of essential mechanical and environmental information for better, safer driving.  It’s the next step towards autonomous driving that is safe and that you can have complete confidence in. 

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Sustainable individual mobility.

The future of automotive is arriving.

Let’s talk Sustainability.

Let’s talk about the Future.

Our safety-first approach extends to the planet and we’ve set about making changes.  We are quite literally planting seeds for the future, pioneering the development of rubber from Taraxacum Kok-saghyz (Russian Dandelion).  This will cut down the world reliance on synthetic rubber (which uses crude oil) whilst developing otherwise non-arable land in locations closer to manufacturing bases for a much reduced cradle-to-grave carbon footprint.  

With our vision for ‘clear power’, we’ve developed and offer multiple components for both hybrid and fully electric vehicles.  This includes the development of the groundbreaking Allcharge system which allows drivers to recharge vehicles wirelessly.  Other Continental modules already in use around the world can help reduce fuel consumption by up to 21% and reduce engine nitrous oxide emissions by up to 60%.  

We understand all of automotive.

That's how we make better tyres.

Whenever you drive, your tyres interconnect with other systems in your vehicle to keep your safe – your brakes, your stability control, your ABS.  We understand all the forces that your vehicle encounters under braking, acceleration and steering because we make all the related systems too.  We’re one of the world’s largest tyre manufacturers, but we’re also one of the world’s top three automotive component manufacturers – so when you brake, we understand the entire process from pedal to tyre. 

Our extensive range of automotive innovations and componentry include automated braking systems, pedestrian detection, road departure products, stability control systems, security systems, vehicle cameras and connective cruise controls.  We’re the only major tyre manufacturer that develops automotive components alongside tyres.   It’s this understanding that underpins the ultimate performance of our tyres in real world driving conditions.

Trust us. Leading car makers do.

Vehicle manufacturers spend years developing a new model and know the initial reviews can make or break it.  Every claim and statistic will be tested and reported on.  That’s why we’re often involved in the early design stage, long before the first prototype is built.  It’s this level of trust and confidence that sets us apart.

That confidence comes from knowing OE tyres are subjected to over 100 different tests tune them perfectly for the vehicle.  It’s this precise symbiosis between tyre and machine that delivers on handling, braking, comfort and performance promises.  It’s why almost 1 in 3 new vehicles leaving the factory in Europe do so with Continental tyres fitted.  

German Engineering. Proven Worldwide.

German engineering and accuracy is legendary.  Ever since we invented the first tread pattern tyre in the world, we’ve endeavoured to live up to that legend.  From our base in Hannover, a team of scientists, engineers and designers have diligently worked to innovate and improve safety.  

Today, that team numbers over 1000 and spans the globe.  They are all experts in their respective fields and work together towards the common goal of making roads as safe as possible.  At every turn, it is all done to the highest standards and to ensure the legend of German engineering lives on. 

Choose Confidence.

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