Tested for your Safety. Tuned for your Driving Pleasure.

Tested 67,000 times for the ultimate tyre test. Your safety.

There can be no assumptions when it comes to tyre performance so we don’t make any. On average, by the time a tyre comes to market it has been tested over 67,000 times. There are no limits and no tyre is considered ready until it passes every test. Every test for quietness, handling, wear and braking compatibility. Every test that makes sure we are confident they’ll pass the ultimate test. Your safety.

Improving safety.

A global endeavour.

Testing tyre safety takes place all over the world.  This includes New Zealand.  Testing extends to almost every continent, with facilities in North America based in both Michigan and Texas.  In Europe, tyres are put through their paces in the plunging cold of Sweden and the humidity of Spain.  Then there’s our flagship testing facility, the Contidrom, located close to our home in Hannover.  Across all of these locations, the pursuit of safety sits at the core.  It drives the dedication and relentless pursuit of advancement.  It's the same pursuit that started with the development of the world's first treaded tyre over 115 years ago.  It still drives us, as we work towards the ultimate goal - eliminating road accidents around the world.

We test our tyres around the world, including at the Southern Hemisphere Proving Grounds in Cardrona

When you really need to stop.

Continental stops you faster.

It’s the unpredictability of driving that compromises our safety.  There are so many variables, such as road surface, weather and the behaviour of others.  The only constant is the reliance on your tyres to stop as quickly and safely as possible.  That’s why our efforts, from developing tread patterns or new rubber compounds, are focused on improving stopping distance.  Applying our comprehensive understanding of the braking process from pedal to tyre, along with our commitment to research, development and testing, means we consider ourselves as the Best in Braking. 

AIBA, our Automated Braking Analysis

A first in braking technology development.

In 2013, we opened the world first AIBA (Automated Indoor Braking Analyser) facility at the Contidrom in Hannover, Germany.  To develop new braking technologies even faster and more effectively, the facility is able to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. This is a 300m long testing hall in a fully temperature controlled environment, with driverless test vehicles for pinpoint braking and acceleration accuracy.  AIBA allows precisely accurate testing around the clock.

Wet braking.

The ultimate test of stopping power.

Wet braking tyre tests accelerate a vehicle to 80 km/h before the brakes are applied.  In such tests, Continental stopped in a distance of 36 metres.  Other brands took up to 47 metres before fully stopping.  Even in instances when a collision is unavoidable, the braking capability of your tyres determines the vehicle’s residual speed at the time of collision.  In our own tests, where a vehicle has been accelerated to 112 km/h before the brakes have been applied, we have shown how Continental has stopped the vehicle, whereas vehicles with other brands have continued at a speed of 50km/h.  The difference between stopping and travelling at 50km/h at the point of impact is significant. 

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