Continental EcoContact™. This is efficiency. Sustained.

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Safety and lower fuel consumption.
A sustainable choice made easy.

We developed the Continental EcoContact range in conjunction with vehicle manufacturers wanting to achieve specific economic parameters for their vehicles.  Using a no-compromise approach to tyre safety, the EcoContact range meets stringent rolling resistant criteria without conceding any of the safety and dependability expected from a Continental tyre.

Drive into the Future.
Getting there is more efficient than ever.

Taking drivers into the future, the EcoContact range use a specially developed compound and tread grooves.  The functionalized polymer chain forms a stronger bond with the silica for dramatically lower rolling resistance, reducing fuel consumption for ongoing savings for the driver and the planet.  Lowering rolling resistance to such levels usually demands a trade-off in other areas, namely wet weather performance and longevity.  We’ve avoided this by using the new compound and optimising the tread pattern, and using extra thin sipes to reduce tread deformation.  The result is a performance demanded by manufacturers and desired by families.  EcoContact tyres prove efficiency and safety can exist in the same tyre.  

The Continental EcoContact range is used as original equipment by Volkswagen, Fiat, Volvo, Renault, Peugeot, Smart, Holden & Nissan.  

Innovation for the Future of Driving.

We believe that mobility and environmental protection need not, nor should ever be, mutually exclusive.

Embrace Freedom. And Responsible Mobility.

Continental EcoContact tyres are available from dealers nationwide.

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