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Delivering Confidence.
Tyres to keep NZ’s delivery fleet on the road.  

A curated range of tyres covering urban, regional, long haul and on/off road applications.  Each comes with the specific enhancements needed to go the distance and get you there safely.  They have been developed for retreadability and to reduce the cost per KM for ongoing returns from a smarter investment.  

Reduce Downtime.
Get more from your Fleet.

Continental tyres are designed to last… and then last all over again through several retreads.  They come equipped with patterns for superior stone ejection, with cut and chip resistance levels dialled all the way up to specifically resist the gravel roads of New Zealand’s transport network.  The same increased levels of strength are found in the scuff protection for inner city incursions and those areas where curbs cannot be easily avoided.  These are tyres which have been developed to work as hard as the vehicles that are fitted to.   They stay cool and deliver a pleasing fuel economy, along with a high removal mileage.

Delivering performance to the very last Kilometre.

Continental Truck tyres are optimised by application, dialling up and enhancing tyre characteristics to suit their use for an optimal performance and returns.

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