Continental CombineMaster High Loads for Hard Work

Safe for the farmer and safe for the soil

With broad shoulders, a long footprint and carefully optimised stability, Continental CombineMaster tyres deliver comfort on the long harvest days. They are redefining reliability in the field and bringing smiles to the faces of farmers who need tyres to work as hard as they do.

Comfort in the seat and on the soil

N Flex technology uses a special nylon material with low shrinkage for flexibility, as you roll over roads and through the fields.  The result is a reduction in vibration for more comfortable long days in the seat, so you're more comfortable climbing out of it at the end of the day.  

Traction and durability in every lug

Smoothing out the linkages between the block and the base, d.fine lug technology has a deep lug overlap which works to improve surface grip by 5%.  It also increases the wear and damage resistance for driving stability that lasts season after season.  

Heavy work without soil compaction

Hexa Bead is a core made of a single piece of steel wrapped around the circumference of the tyre up to one hundred times.  It makes sure the tyre holds its shape under low pressures for a soft footprint in the field. 

Tyre sizes available

32" Rim