Continental ComfortContact 6 The comfort of silence

A performance that doesn’t need to shout

The new ComfortContact 6 combines comfort and grip with longer lasting tread technology. Silence is enhanced with an in-tread noise canceller moulded into the tread, providing a quieter driving experience.

Continental ComfortContact6
  • Harmonic Comfort Chambers

    The Continental R&D Team focused on creating a hi-tech solution which has the ability to reduce noise where it starts. Based on the ‘Helmholtz Resonator’ principle, it dampens the sound frequencies and prevents annoying sounds from reaching your ears.

    Harmonic comfort chamers Continental ComfortContact6
  • Whisper Compound

    Even the tyre compound has been formulated for quietness. Reacting to the road surface the advanced compound formula is built to deliver enhanced acoustic comfort by actively reducing the vibrations that produce sound.

    0db noise eater Continental ComfortContact6
  • An enduring silence

    Specially bonded polymers create remarkably strong, locking molecular connections. From this strength comes reassuring levels of comfort and grip along with a long lasting durability for silence, matched with satisfying longevity.

    whisper chambers Continental ComfortContact6

Tyre sizes available

14" Rim