Continental CrossContact AT Go anywhere in style

Taking Confidence Wherever You Want

If you're looking for adventure then you can find it with confidence thanks to the CrossContact AT. It provides an extraordinary stability on the road and off it, with ever reliable traction and reassuringly good braking ability delivered in the dry and wet.

For urban adventures

The ride in and around town, along the main roads and motorways, is quiet and assured.  Staggered tread blocks are paired with wide lateral grooves and open shoulders for water drainage and constant traction, keeping you in control with full confidence.  

For rural adventures

The wide contact patch and open shoulder blocks work with a multi-siped tread pattern for soft surface adhesion and grip.  This ability to cling to the surface in trying conditions makes the CrossContact AT ideal for drivers who veer off the beaten track.

Long-lasting fun and safety 

An abrasion resistant tread compound repels the threat of cuts and tears.  It’s this long term dependability in harsh conditions that provides the backbone for ongoing adventures, so no matter where they might take you, the return journey is always assured.

Tyre sizes available

16" Rim

17" Rim


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