Continental CrossContact LX 2 Safe on the road. And beyond.

For whatever turns you take

Not all roads are smooth and dry. The Continental CrossContact LX 2 has been designed for drivers who frequently turn off the main highway and venture forth on gravel roads and barely formed roads. The LX 2 keeps you comfortable. And comfortably safe.

Safety is everything

Continental CrossContactLX2
  • Handling the road ahead

    A solid central rib pattern area forms the spine of a tyre with impressive high pattern stiffness. This solid base holds onto the road, the handling properties maintaining maximum stability as the road surface changes, with braking distances remaining notably short.

    LX2 braking performance v4 Continental CrossContactLX2
  • Quiet Road Comfort

    The closed shoulder pattern effectively shuts down excess noise from the centre of the tread pattern, dampening acoustic annoyance and enhancing driver comfort. At the same time, the flat contour evenly distributes the pressure between the tyre and road surface for even wearing, high-milage.

    LX2 high mileage v2 Continental CrossContactLX2
  • Ideal for light off-road use

    This is a tyre specifically designed for drivers who spend the majority of their time on sealed surfaces, but who sometimes have to navigate the backroads and gravel roads of New Zealand. A high siped tread pattern creates multiple angles for bite on uneven surfaces and light off-road situations.

    LX2 off road traction v2 Continental CrossContactLX2

Tyre sizes available

18" Rim


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