Continental EcoContact 5 Sustainable Safety.

A sustainable choice made easy

The Continental EcoContact range was made in conjunction with leading manufacturers looking to achieve specific fuel economy parameters for the vehicles. The most stringent rolling resistance criteria is applied whilst maintaining the very same high levels of safety Continental is renowned for.

Every litre of fuel lasts longer

It took a newly developed tread compound and an innovative tyre construction to achieve the reduced rolling resistance of the EcoContact5.  The difference is felt in between fuel stops, with fuel consumption reduced to benefit both budgets and the planet.  

Advanced Highway Handling 

The tyre that rolls more easily can also stop when needed.  Additional bead reinforcements ensure a safer and more effective transmission of lateral steering forces, for better control on both dry and wet roads.  

Uncompromised Comfort

The acoustic comfort from the asymmetrical tread pattern is complemented by an even wearing tread pattern.  The result is a ride comfort that makes every drive a pleasure, and which is maintained for the considerable life of the tyre.  

Tyre sizes available

14" Rim

16" Rim

17" Rim

18" Rim


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