Continental EcoContact 6 Discover more with a tyre that needs less

The most advanced Eco tyre yet

A new generation of Green Chilli brings the most advanced compound technologies to tyres for the very first time. The result is a tyre that needs less power to move, reducing the fuel burden for drivers and producing a pleasing economy where you can discover more, for less.

Continental EcoContact6
  • Green Chilli 2.0 takes you further

    The newly developed, most advanced version of the Green Chilli compound in production, is used to increase the mileage capabilities of the tyre. The compound actively adapts to the road surface, reducing rubber loss and prolonging tyre life for a satisfyingly low total cost of ownership.

    EcoContact6 greenchilli Continental EcoContact6
  • Maximum fuel efficiency

    Everything about the EcoContact 6 is tailored to reduce rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption. The unique compound geometry and efficient silica distribution is perfectly balanced, working in harmony with the road, adapting to variable road surfaces and rolling easily with the conditions rather than fighting them.

    EcoContact6 fuel efficiency Continental EcoContact6
  • Optimised grip and handling

    The tread pattern of the EcoContact 6 has been optimised for the best compromise between dry and wet performance. Safety in handling situations, such as lane changes, is assured and precise. Road contact is maintained in trying conditions thanks to the innovative asymmetric rib and sipe geometry.

    EcoContact6 optmised grip Continental EcoContact6

Tyre sizes available

15" Rim

17" Rim

18" Rim

19" Rim

20" Rim


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