Continental SportsContact 5P SUV Split Fitment Optimised

Made with purpose

The legendary SportContact5 has been refined and remastered specifically to meet the challenging dynamics of performance SUVs with a split fitment. The forces from cornering with a high centre of gravity are brought under control to unleash the true potential of the modern SUV.

The next generation of performance

Until now performance SUVs have been limited by the lack of a dedicated tyre, designed specifically to react to the unique forces and pressure of SUV driving.  The SportsContact5 SUV changes all that.  It changes everything.  

Bringing it all under control

When braking, the tyre has a natural frequency within the compound.  Short-chain polymers in the BlackChilli compound react to this braking frequency to provide an optimal energy absorption.  The resultant heat shortens the braking distance in all weather conditions.   

Excellent grip and safety

The macro-block design of the tyre’s outer shoulder provides a larger contact area which can adapt to the road surface and deliver both safety and stability around corners, on uneven road surfaces or gravel. 

Tyre sizes available

21" Rim


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