Continental Tractor85 Fits every job

For all seasons and surfaces

A true all rounder, the Tractor85 is narrow enough to fit neatly into a furrow but wide enough to hold the role of versatile, heavy-duty farm tyre. Durable and robust, it is also comfortable and less susceptible to flat spots. A farm tyre made to be used all day, every day.

Bead technology

The Tractor 85 can be run at lower operating pressures without issue.  This increases the size of the footprint for constant traction, whilst decreasing the impact on the soil for reduced compaction issues.  

Interlug Design

Able to self-clean thanks to the smoothness of the lug design, the Tractor 85 rarely loses traction, making it well suited to land that is prone to bogging.  Free from the accumulation of mud, the lugs retain their grip for continued operation.  

N flex technology

Patented material and N Flex Technology banishes uncomfortable morning flat spots to history.  The increased flexibility absorbs impacts and then returns to its original shape without permanent deformation.  It makes for a more comfortable ride and time in the field.  

Tyre sizes available

38" Rim

46" Rim