Continental TractorMaster Higher durability and mileage

The name says it all

The test results say it all too. DLG (German Agricultural Society) has pitted the TractorMaster against premium competitors and the results are conclusive. They showed it to reduce fuel consumption by between 2.5% and 5% against reference tyres, while the tyre was considered 67% more efficient overall.

Hexa Bead Technology

The TractorMaster can be run without issue at lower operating pressures.  This increases the size of the footprint for constant traction, whilst decreasing the impact on the soil for reduced compaction issues.  

D.fine lug Technology

The lug surface area is 5% bigger, the lugs overlap and there is a smooth linkage between the block and base.  This results in a tyre that grips the ground firmly and drives you forward even as the conditions become testing.  

N flex Technology

Patented material and N Flex Technology banishes uncomfortable morning flat spots to history.  The increased flexibility absorbs impacts and then returns to its original shape without permanent deformation.  It makes for a more comfortable ride and time in the field.  

Tyre sizes available

24" Rim

28" Rim

30" Rim

34" Rim

38" Rim

42" Rim