Continental UltraContact 6 The highest performance level

Traction. Unsurpassed.

For those looking for the very best levels of performance in a tyre, the UltraContact 6 will exceed even your expectations. Every measurable attribute has been improved and enhanced, producing a tyre which offers the most complete driving experience imaginable.

Continental UltraContact6
  • Superior wet road safety

    Aqua channel surfaces sipes direct water away from the tread pattern, with rapid water evacuation at even high speeds. At the same time, aqua drainage elements push water through a tube system in the tread grooves for superior wet surface adhesion.

    UC6 Parallax1 Continental UltraContact6
  • Extreme short braking

    The chamfered angle of the Diamond Edge in the pattern maximises the contact area of the pattern to distribute forces evenly. In wet conditions, the Diamond Edge acts as a wiper, clearing the water film away from the tread blocks for extremely short braking distances.

    UC6 Parallax2 Continental UltraContact6
  • Grip & Mileage

    The Diamond blend compound consists of a proprietary blend of short grip polymers for and long-mileage polymers. The short-grip polymers are transforming the energy from cornering or braking into heat for advanced grip. The long-mileage polymers are entangled, with strong inter-connections that deliver outstanding tyre longevity.

    UC6 Parallax3 v2 Continental UltraContact6

Tyre sizes available

16" Rim

17" Rim

18" Rim