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The new SportContact 7 was engineered to fill you with confidence when pushing the limits of performance vehicles.  Regardless of the weather, the patented BlackChilli compound and the extra-stiff pattern have been designed for a next-level driving pleasure that lasts.  Proving these claims are a series of awards and independent testing results from the world's leading automotive media.  

“Devastatingly Good” says EVO

One of the earliest tests strapped 265/35 R20 sized tyres from Continental and two premium competitors, to a 460 bhp Ford Mustang GT.  It was a “very impressive performance by the Sport Contact 7” says Evo, “which came close to a clean sweep”.

The Continental tyre dominated in both wet and dry handling, and wet and dry braking.  The reviewers noted the Continental tyre’s grip as being on “another level” with a “confident, exploitable performance.”

The performance was good enough to warrant this succinctly put summary from the reviewers: “Fit a set and instantly improve your car’s performance”.

EVO considered Continental SportContact the best ultra high performance tyre, against Bridgestone and Michelin. Images by EVO.

Fit a set and instantly improve your car’s performance.

“Exemplary” says AutoBild

The editors of Germany’s Autobild sports car magazine named the SportsContact 7 their test winner (issue 4/23) and gave it an ‘exemplary’ rating, placing the tyre in a class of its own.  The magazine editors said: “The new SportsContact 7 completely convinced us in the first test.  Dynamic cornering, stable lateral reinforcement, precise steering response with excellent feedback and extremely safe braking performance on both wet and dry roads”.  

The testing was completed using 225/40 R 18 tyres on a 261 hp Toyota GR Yaris, with the braking distances of test tyres compared when stopping from 100 km/h.  The testing showed some major differences between the tyres, with the gap between the best performing and worst performing highlighting the danger of cheaper brands.   The Continental SportsContact 7 stopped after a braking distance of 38.8 metres, whereas the tyre with the worst braking performance could only stop after more than 50 metres.  As AutoBild explained, the difference was so big that with the worst tyres, a vehicle would “crash into the back of a traffic jam at a speed of 48 km/h”.  

SportContactTM 7 gives you the confidence to push the limits further, so that you can simply enjoy driving at its best.

“Clearly Ahead of its Rivals” says Autoexpress

When tested against other premium performance tyres, Autoexpress Magazine stated “the SportsContact 7 has raised the performance bar for UUHP tyres”.  They point to the fact that whereas in previous tests the differences recorded are usually only 1% or less, the Continental tyres was a clear winner, setting new levels of performance with a comprehensive victory.  “The SportsContact 7 has a sharpness that rivals cannot match, plus it’s able to turn that lively feel into quick lap times and short stopping distances.  Remarkable” says Autoexpress.  

Like AutoBild, they found the biggest differences to be in wet braking tests, where they measured the distance to stop from 50 mph (80.5 km/hr).  They also tested the performance in deeper water, measuring both cornering the straight line performance.  The emphasis was on handling and braking, with the SportsContact 7 winning all but one of the tests.

"Continental has a clear advantage over its leading rivals", declared AutoExpress. Images by AutoExpress.

“Outstanding” says Gute Fahrt

Gute Fahrt (Good Ride) is a leading German autocar magazine, who took 7 of the leading tyres from all over the world and fitted them to a Golf GTI and Cupra Leon TSI, then subjected them to 9 trials on dry and wet surfaces.  In their words, Continental “dominated the competition”.

Again, the differences were pronounced with the SportsContact 7 winning both dry and wet braking tests.  In the dry braking tests, the Continental came to a complete stop while the second-placed tyre continued past, still travelling at 22 km/hr.   In the wet, the second place tyre still had 20 km/hr on the speedometer when the SportsContact7 was already stationary.  

“There are not many tyres that can excite an experienced tyre tester” writes the test editor.  “The Conti SportsContact 7 is one of those.”, before going on to say that the SportsContact 7 “opens up new dimensions.”

SportContact 7 is particularly suitable for sports cars with electric or conventional drives.

“Sets a New Benchmark” says 

Similar to the other tests, pitted the SportsContact 7 against premium rivals.   It was another win for Continental, with the online reviewer going on to say it sets a “new standard for the UUHP segment”.  The standout reason was the “stellar wet performance”.

The SportsContact 7 scored top points in dry handling, dry braking, wet handling and wet braking.  Again, the differences were significant with the Continental a full 5 seconds faster than the next best tyre in wet handling, and over 2 seconds faster than the next best tyre in wet braking.

“The new Continental SportsContact 7 was quite simply a different category of tyre…I still can’t get over how good it is, and how it was to drive fast, as fast and easy aren’t often a thing.  The Sports Contact 7 is very impressive” says

The SportContact 7 is particularly suitable for more powerful, sports vehicles with electric and conventional drives.  Selected by multiple leading car manufacturers as an original equipment tyre, it is available in sizes between 18 and 24 inches in diameter.

According to TyreReviews, SportContact 7 wet braking and handling are unparalleled, while dry braking is shortest and fastest. Images by TyreReviews.


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