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VWs new take on the classic Kombi is scheduled to arrive in New Zealand later in 2023.  The original T1 Microbus is a much-loved, cultural icon and came to represent the societal change and counterculture that emerged a decade later.  Part of the defining look of that generation, the original Kombi left the factory with Continental Tyres fitted and we’re pleased to say the latest iteration of the icon will too.  The all-new, electric VW ID. Buzz comes fitted with the energy efficient EcoContact 6 Q tyres in 19” and 20” directly from the factory.

The EcoContact 6 Q offers outstanding energy efficiency, service life, brake performance and handling.  With a tread profile which constantly adapts to the road surface, tyre longevity has been increased for longer-lasting safety and improved returns.  The specially developed rubber compound minimises friction when the tyre is in contact with the road surface, which means the tyre dissipates less energy and, in turn, rolling resistance is reduced.  Thanks to modified blocks, sipes and lateral groves, the tyre is also noise-optimised and very quiet. 

An Electric Icon for the Next Generation

This generation is leading the march towards greater sustainability and the new ID. Buzz is a perfect match.  All electric, with a range of over 400 kilometres, it’s cram-packed with the kind of smart technology that adds more uses to EVs and will change our relationship with them, especially if you plan on using the ID. Buzz for camping.  Called ‘Plug & Charge’, a new bi-directional charging function turns the ID. Buzz into an energy storage device.  It can be used to power a home or even charge another EV.  For that camping trip, cooking appliances, speakers and all your smart gadgets can be plugged in and charged.  

Inside, the new VW is cheerful and futuristic.  Knobs and buttons have been replaced by touchpads and touchscreens.  It’s intuitive and digital natives will appreciate the ease with which you can set the controls and change the driving experience.  Integration with smart technology goes next-level and a heads-up display incorporates Augmented Reality, projecting directional arrows onto the road.   

Continental EcoContact 6 Q and the ID Buzz

Everything about the new VW has been carefully planned and considered.  This is a vehicle 5 years in the making and the choice of Continental tyres was purposeful, designed to maximise the driving experience and meet the stated performance goals. 

The EcoContact 6 Q has a high-tech silica compound resistant to friction, for a freer running tyre that will see greater distances covered between charges. The patented Green Chilli 2.0 rubber compounds reduce tyre wear, so the extra kilometres roll by under tyre with less impact on tyre longevity.  The tyre that adds kms to drives between charges, also adds kms to the overall tyre life.   

The Continental EcoContact 6 Q is approved as a factory fitment for the VW ID Buzz

With the EcoContact 6 Q, each kilometre travelled is completed in a low noise atmosphere.  Rolling noise and air turbulence are clearly audible in EVs, especially at higher speeds.  It can be particularly annoying in the interior, where the noise of the tyres seem louder due to the absence of engine noise.  ContiSilent technology reduces the sound components of rolling noise that are perceived as particularly intrusive by up to 9 decibels.  A special layer of polyurethane foam absorbs vibrations for the road, reducing the transmission of noise to the body and into the passenger compartment.

Then there’s ContiSeal, a special technology enabling journeys to be continued safely even in the event of tyre damage.  A highly elastic protective layer on the inside of the tyre closes in around any penetrating objects in a fraction of a second.  This reliably seals the puncture, even when the object has been removed from the tread (through the natural rotation of the tyre).  With ContiSeal, holes with diameters of up to 5mm can be sealed securely, allowing 80% of punctures to be fixed immediately.  It also means no spare tyre is necessary, reducing the vehicle laden weight, which then translates to an increase in range.  

Continental is one of the Leading Manufacturers of Tyres for Electric Vehicles  

Continental now supplies tyres to 7 of the world's 10 most successful electric vehicle manufacturers and is the approved supplier of original tyre equipment to the 5 highest-volume manufacturers of EVs in Europe.  This includes models from Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Ford and Kia, along with the most popular EV manufacturers in New Zealand; Tesla and BYD.

“We are proud that so many manufacturers around the world are equipping their vehicles with our premium tires – this is proof of our development expertise and the premium quality of our tires," says David O'Donnell, who heads the original equipment business of Continental's Tires business sector. "As the only vehicle-to-road connection, the tire makes a very important contribution to underlining the required driving characteristics of the vehicle model," he adds.

As the only vehicle-to-road connection, the tire makes a very important contribution to underlining the required driving characteristics of the vehicle model.

There’s More of Continental on the ID. Buzz than the Tyres

A development partner of Volkswagen for many years, Continental has played a crucial role in the design and development of the ID. Buzz.  This goes beyond the tyres, with Continental technology included in nearly all aspects of the new electrified cult van.  The software and central computer architecture is all from Continental, as are the brakes and the highly sophisticated thermal management system, which cools the batteries.

The ID. Buzz is destined to become a new cultural icon.  An EV for the environmentally conscious generation, leading the charge to positive change.  We’re pleased to play our part in it. 

Seven of the world's ten largest electric vehicle producers are equipped with our tyres.

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