Using Racing Tyres for Basketball Courts

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When tyres from the Extreme E racing series are finished providing entertainment for millions of motorsports enthusiasts all over the world, they’ll be used to provide entertainment for hundreds of local youngsters on the basketball court in Hannover, Germany.  

BasKIDball is a national project using sports to overcome social barriers by creating basketball courts in major German cities.  By providing a space for young people to train, play and interact with each other, they hope to teach youths the value of teamwork and fairness.  The project also gets youths away from their tablets and tv screens, taking them to the courts for exercise and fresh air.  

Under the title of ‘Turning Racing Tyres Into Loving Spaces’, Continental has provided approximately 400 square metres of rubber paving stones, each made from used Extreme E Cross Contact tyres.  In total, the paving slabs used 200 Extreme E tyres.

“These tyres raced in Saudi Arabia, Greenland and Senegal.  And now, in the form of a basketball court, they are helping to bring young people together and get them excited about sport” says Christian Kotz, Member of the Executive Board Tyres at Continental.  “We’re delighted that the Extreme E tyres are getting a second life after the end of their racing career.  Circularity - in this case the reuse and continued use of tyres - is an important area, and one in which Continental is working hard.”  

The creation of rubber paving stones from Extreme E tyres is another chapter in the life of the ingredients used in the tyres themselves.  Extreme E tyres are one of the most sustainably manufactured tyres in the world, with old PET (plastic) bottles making up 100% of the tyre carcass.  Even the silica used in the tyres is sustainably sourced, coming from rice husks, which is a waste product from agriculture.  

It’s a positive and pleasing addition, stemming from the environmental impetus of Extreme E, which focuses on raising awareness of environmental issues and supporting sustainability through a number of legacy projects in the locations where races are held.  

These tyres raced in Saudi Arabia, Greenland and Senegal. And now, in the form of a basketball court, they are helping to bring young people together and get them excited about sport.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Office at Extreme E, says “This is a fantastic initiative from our partner Continental and one which is going to benefit so many people.  To combat the climate crisis, creative thinking and a great deal of ingenuity are required to deliver the solutions necessary, and this initiative certainly achieves that.” 

The basketball court in Hannover opened in February this year.  At the opening ceremony, Hannover’s Mayor, Belit Onay had this to say; “We would like to thank Continental and all those involved for this new basketball court, which creates a new space for kids and young people and brings sport and sustainability together in the same conversation.

Extreme E, the off-road racing series from which the tyres come, is an exciting new motorsport featuring electric-powered vehicles in extreme conditions at remote locations which are chosen in order to highlight their environmental plight and importance.  Season 3 commenced on March 11, with New Zealand’s own Emma Gilmour behind the wheel for the Maclaren team.  

You can read more about Extreme E here.

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